Above are photos administering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) via mesotherapy & microneedling techniques.

What is Mesotherapy?

The autologous or Platelet Rich Plasma mesotherapy is the natural non-invasive procedure your face may need in order to look more youthful and bright. Mesotherapy is a widely used facial rejuvenation technique based on the infusion of important substances such as vitamins, in the skin.
Platelet Rich Plasma
Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

As many as 50 million men and 30 million women in North America may be affected by hair thinning and loss. This common condition can be caused by stress, hormonal imbalance, certain types of medication, diseases, genetics, and other factors. But even though hair loss is common, the psychological effects of the disorder can be significant, and many individuals experience reduced self-esteem due to this problem. Fortunately, non-surgical options are available. One innovative, minimally invasive approach uses your own blood to stimulate hair growth and restore your hair. PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) therapy can be used to help regrow hair and to make it thicker and healthier. Platelet-Rich-Plasma derives from your own blood. The fluid is lightly processed to create a formula that is up to three times more densely filled with platelets. PRP therapy can be used for many purposes, and this technique has been utilized in medical care for decades to aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration. The plasma used in PRP therapy contains mesenchymal cells, which have growth factors and stem cells that can help hair follicles begin to produce again. Dr. Dallas routinely uses PRP therapy in conjunction with mesotherapy to combine the regenerative effects of both techniques. Dr. Dallas will often recommend one treatment per month for three months initially, with occasional maintenance sessions thereafter to optimize hair growth. This program may vary based on your individual needs and desired outcome.

What Are the Pros of PRP Therapy for Hair Growth?

PRP therapy can help stimulate hair growth and boost your confidence. Other benefits of this treatment include:

• Non-surgical procedure
• Little to no downtime
• Natural-looking results
• Brief treatments, depending on your needs
• Suitable for men and women, as well as all hair types
• No linear scar like hair transplantation
• Virtually no risk of an allergic reaction
• Improved hair quality, thickness, and health
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