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Are you feeling OVER weight, OVER worked, OVER stressed… And in general, just plain OVER IT?! I GET YOU! You went into Healthcare for a REASON – you have a heart for helping after all… By now though, you don’t even really know how things got to this point… you’re feeling burnt out & not at all like the “Healthcare Hero” that the everyone on social medial says you are… You are certainly NOT the perfect picture of good health at the moment. And secretly, you’re actually feeling kind of guilty/shameful about all of this… LADIES, I HAVE BEEN THERE – I KNOW THIS FEELING VERY WELL! We work in healthcare… we are supposed to be good examples to everyone else. But we feel too BUSY to actually DO anything about it… where would we even start?! Ugh!! So we just keep on keeping on… not happy to go to work, not happy when we look in the mirror, not happy to always be complaining about everything… but not sure what to do about any of it. If you are struggling…. SOMETHING has to give. You can’t continue on like this forever…. Can you?? (OMG – scary thought!) Click on my personal video below and see how I can help you RECLAIM your Healthcare (S)HE-RO status STAT! 😊 ~ Dr. Dallas

Having a coach MATTERS
for the Health of

Attached below is an important medical article about the Effects of Professional Coaching Intervention on the Well-being and Distress of Physicians. (Click the PDF below to view).

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